The done-for-you service is meant to be an executive-level service that ensures that your logbook is ready for your interview. This service includes one on one consultation and coaching.

Included items:

  • Customized logbook with your choice of cover art and your name branded on the front cover
  • Customized tabs and organizers with titles directly printed on each page
  • Creation of milestones, endorsement, and summary pages
  • Logbook printing services
  • Phone consultation in order to develop a game plan for logbook layout and the organization of information
  • Logbook development, organization, and the ready-to-go final product
  • Access to Resume Building Software (Save $199) and review
  • This service does not include logbook transcription. All files need to be sent as a PDF in a ready-to-print format.

6 reviews for Executive Service

  1. John Gonzales (verified owner)

    Like many of us, I had ugly paper logbooks from training. I swapped them to digital and sent everything over to Express Logbooks to get them perfect. When the logbooks arrived in my home, opening the box almost made me feel like a kid on Christmas morning. I wont spoil anything for you, but it felt this way because of the cool packaging that it arrived in and the presentation of opening it. I didn’t think that unboxing something as boring as my logbooks would scratch my aviation itch, and it made me feel like I was getting a professional product to show to Delta. Express Logbooks did an excellent job of making my logbooks look organized and neat for my Interview. They had excellent and timely customer service, and a quick turnaround time once i sent them my digital logbooks.

  2. T.W

    Interviewed with American Airlines. Expresslogboks was the best investment I ever done prior to this interview.
    They went above and beyond to make sure that my logbook look professional.
    I showed up the interview with great confidents. When they started, stacking up all the logbooks, you know which logbook that stood out.
    Expresslogboks knew exactly what American Airlines was looking for. They also created a mile stone for my hours. I have used different logbook, prep companies, but hands-down Expresslogboks wins this one.

  3. Thomas B. (verified owner)

    Recommended by a colleague and friend Express Logbooks was able to deliver my logbook in a manner I would not have been able to do my self even with an electronic logbook format. Express was able to tailor the order exactly as needed. The Binder displays yours commitment and professionalism as an Aviator. I received zero questions about my logbooks in my interview and I know for fact that is in a major part due to my logbook from Express. I would highly recommend to anyone.
    – TB

  4. Nick Johnson

    Exceptional quality, organization, and customer service! Hands down worth the small investment to have zero logbook questions and only logbook compliments during my interview. I was able to work directly with Alex to ensure all the nuances of military to civilian flight time was accurately and cleanly represented. All of my questions were answered in a responsive way and the finished product looked incredible!

    Nick J

  5. Raymond

    I used express logbooks. Product was neat, great looking, well organized, and well received at my dream Atlanta Atlanta-based airline. I did include my AQP and 141 certificates as an annex to it and also tabbed my paper logbooks using the same tab numbers and high liters so it all looked consistent which the interviewers liked to be able to cross verify the electronic logbook from express logbooks and the paper ones. We ran into a logbook misplaced situation by the hotel (I had my logbook shipped to the hotel because of the holidays, and weather up north) but Tito’s help at contacting the hotel and having them search thoroughly we were able to find my logbook which had been stored in cold storage. 10/10 would reccomend excellent product and even more excellent customer service.

  6. CJ (verified owner)

    After seeing an ad for Express Logbooks I called to get some information. After that phone call I knew right away that I wanted to use their Executive Service to get my logbook ready for my interview. I was amazed at the customer service and attention they gave me. They made the process easy and we’re faster than I could’ve imagined! The final printed logbook looks fantastic and I would highly recommend them to anyone I know! If you are debating doing this don’t! It is hands down worth the money!

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Executive Service


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