Our Story

We exist for one reason and one reason only. To make sure that you are well prepared to land the job of your dreams. The logbook is a crucial part of the interview process. It’s the story behind your career. You have the ability to tell the type of story that will set you apart and make sure that you make the type of impression that is going to guarantee your success. Express Logbooks is a subsidiary company owned by the parent company of Ready Set Takeoff.  The primary reason it was created was because of the consistent issues we discovered with logbooks during the interview process. As a company we are intimately 

Our Mission

Mission Statement

To eliminate the unnecessary obstacles that prevent you from landing the job of your dreams. 

Our Vision

Our longterm vision is not only to provide a solution for printing logbooks we are actually developing the next logbook tracking/keeping product in the near future. 

Our Values

Integrity, excellence, faith, and family drive the way that we make decisions, create business and serve others.