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Michael G.

“Preparing for an airline interview has plenty of stress and strain associated with the entire process prior to the big day.  And putting together your logbook is an instrumental part of describing your story.  The executive service package provided by the Express Logbooks team helped significantly reduce the anxiety and concern of generating a professional summary of my aviation career.  The team was very responsive towards capturing the key milestones and highlights within my flight history.  The turnaround time for logbook production was rapid and delivered to me well before my interview date.  The most impressive aspect was the end product of the logbook itself!  You will not be disappointed with the clear and precise log sheets generated within a leather bound logbook.  I would highly recommend this service to any of my fellow aviators aspiring towards their dream airline!”

J Manga

Successful New Hire

“I was very happy with Express logbooks service. My logbook was very neat and professional. The team was able to customize and provide me with many options for how I wanted my logbook printed and organized. They were very responsive with any questions I had and were able to get my logbook to me in plenty of time for my interview.  Having their team professionally print my logbook took a lot of the stress out of preparing for my dream job. I felt very confident walking into my interview with the completed logbook knowing everything was clear and easily accessible for my interviewers. I highly recommend this service for any professional logbook printing needs. Their quality and customer service was awesome! “

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